What is solid wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring is exactly as it sounds. Wood flooring produced and installed by Scandafloor is solid wood sourced from carefully managed forests.

Do solid wood floors increase the value of your home?

Solid wood floors are recognised as a high quality building material.
Scandafloor wood floors are long lasting, beautiful and permanent installations.
When fitted into ‘new build’ homes they are zero rated for vat.
They are fashionable, minimalist and above all desirable  -  which means that they increase the value of your home.

What is the difference between solid wood flooring and laminate?

Solid wood flooring is solid all the way through.
Laminate flooring is a photograph of wood printed onto a high density base and then finished with a lacquer. There is no solid wood in a laminate.

What is engineered flooring?

Scandafloor produce and install true engineered flooring.
This consists of a cross stacked prime hardwood plywood base that is securely fixed to the sub floor.
Our expert craftsmen would be described in North America as ‘Flooring Engineers’. They fit our own production solid wood board, solid wood block or solid wood parquetry design to this highly stable base.  .
The result is a floor that resists cupping and warping and is suitable for use in all the rooms in the home, the busiest High Street bars and restaurants, hotels, schools, community centres, farm house and churches.

Is Solid wood flooring suitable for use with radiant heat underfloor heating?

Scandafloor traditional wood flooring is designed for installing over underfloor heating.
We have many years of successfully installing our floors over underfloor heating.

Can solid wood flooring be installed on stairs?

We have made very many successful installations of our oak boards onto staircases on both domestic and commercial projects.

Which solid wood should I choose?

Other than the wall, the floor represents the largest expanse of colour in a room.
Our floors can be decorated to the exact requirement of the client or his designer. We offer a range of beautiful carefully sourced European and North American woods – choose from European Oak, American Black Walnut, Ash, Beech, Maple and Olive.

In which rooms in my home can I install solid wood flooring?

Subject to our satisfactory survey Scandafloor wood flooring can be installed in every room in the home.

Which installation method is best?

The best installation system is that used by Scandafloor. 
We use a traditional system much used in The Netherlands and Belgium – known there as ‘Tapis’ and recognised in the Low Countries as “The Best of the Best”.
It requires a highly skilled work force using the best equipment and materials to make the perfect ‘Tapis’ floor. Scandafloor have over 20 years of experience with this system and use it exclusively in all our installations.

Are solid wood floors difficult to maintain and clean?

No: All Scandafloor wood flooring has a High Performance Polyurethane coating giving our floors a tough, durable and easily cleaned surface.
We provide each client with a copy of our easily followed Maintenance Guide.

Can solid wood floors be installed onto concrete sub floors?

Yes. Scandafloor wood flooring can be installed onto both concrete and timber sub floors.